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 +====== Send basic e-mail with mail(1) ======
 +===== Send e-mail in shell scripts =====
 +mail(1) usage:
 +<​code>​-s subject Use subject for the e-mail title
 +-c address Send copy of the mail to the specified address
 +-b address Send blind carbon copy to specified address</​code>​
 +Send a file to root:
 +<code bash>$ mail -s "TODO list" root < todo.log</​code>​
 +===== Attach files with uuencode(1) =====
 +Send a binary file:
 +<code bash>$ uuencode brimbelle.jpeg brimbelle.jpeg | mail</​code>​
 +Send multiple files:
 +<code bash>​(cat text_to_send.txt ; uuencode brimbelle.jpeg brimbelle.jpeg) | mail</​code>​
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