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Dual Head setup on Octane with ODYSSEY and IMPACTSR cards

This is the steps to run an Octane[,2] with both an ODYSSEY and an IMPACTSR framebuffer. This is a totally unsupported configuration but it seems to work. It took a little bit to get it working, beacause OpenGL and thus MPlayer, Quake3, etc. only work on the IMPACTSR driven monitor (we want it to be the ODYSSEY driven one). For this, we have to relink and in:


To the ones present in:


respectively. After that we didn't even need a reboot and everything just worked. It would seem that the only drawback is that we can't have OpenGL on both screens, but that's fine, we can use the other one for gaim, firefox, etc. We CAN also run at different refresh rates across the two monitors too, so don't worry about that.

To get it running from scratch install the XiO card load IRIX from or boot into the miniroot and do:

keep *
install fresh

This will add the additional drivers we need for the extra card. After it reboots do the fix described above. Additionally, you can do:

chkconfig -f xinerama on

to enable xinerama (desktop spanned across both monitors) which also seems to work great.

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