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VAXstation & MicroVAX boot process

MicroVAX 2000/VAXstation 2000 boot messages

The initial message will be something of the form:

	 KA410-A V1.2

KA410-A will be displayed with the switch in multi-user MicroVAX 2000 mode, KA410-B if set to single user VAXstation 2000. V1.2 is the ROM rev level (for 4- or 8-plane colour graphics board, V2.1 is required). In the count-down a “_” means the item wasn't found.

Message Error:

? E 0040 0000.0005	clock battery needs charged
? C 0080 0000.4001	odd-ball terminal as console - should still work

VAXstation 3100 Model 40 Power-Up and Self-Test Device Identifiers

Identifier	Device
F		Base video
E		System clock
D		Nonvolatile RAM
C		Serial line controller
B		Memory
A		Memory-management unit
9		Floating point unit
8		Interval timer
7		Disk controller option
6		Disk controller option
5		Interrupt controller and Ethernet ID ROM
4		Optional 8-plane graphics coprocessor
3		Reserved for later use
2		Reserved for later use
1		Ethernet network interconnect (NI)
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